XMAS 2009 Digital Release

Written by Juno on . Posted in Sound 'n Music

A year with a lot of ups and downs has passed by yet again. Time to have a look at 2009, learn from the mistakes that have been made, the sad moments, the fun times…

And then, look forward again. It’s already 2010 you know !

It’s been a few years now since I started to make some specific tracks as a special gift to friends and family. This time I’ve managed to create some new ones again. Though I only could get them finished/online now. Ah well, better late than never I suppose.

Head over to http://www.junonoel.com/music/#2009-12.1 for a listen and download a track if you’d like to.

You can always leave a comment on this post or on an individual track by clicking on the song-title. Or just give me a shout on my contact page.

See you … happy 2010 !

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