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Don’t you recognize this : you upgrade your puter, silence the thing a bit more for the audio usage, start reinstalling the operating system, tweaking everything just the way you like it again… and then … setting up ALL those programs and VST instruments / effects again.

Bah. Yup I’m in that phase with the machine right now. Anyway, it’s good to do some “spring cleaning” however. I’m gonna take a look at a lot of those free VST’s again. There are loads of interesting plugins out there ! Be sure to also have a look at the links, as you can find some good resources pointing you to loads of those VST freebies.

Sure there will be some instruments or effects that won’t work, have a nasty interface or don’t sound that good. But at least it didn’t cost you something to try. Hardware synths also don’t have always the best visual / usage aesthetics either, yet it’s sometimes part of the “charm”.

(For example, for those of you not too familiar with FM synthesis, program a great sound on a Yamaha DX7 synth, you’ll understand what I mean ;))

If I find some great ones (and I already have my eye on a few of ‘m) I’ll try to post it over here.

Let the install/try out fun begin !

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