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Eminent 310
The warm lush sound of a “stringer” synth. If you have ever listened to Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygene or Equinox, you’d instant recognise the sound. Originally, Jarre didn’t really use a synthesizer for this sound though, it was an organ, the Eminent 310 with a string patch. When fed through a phaser: instant lush sound was there.

Later came the smaller ARP – Solina String Machine, which could produce the same style of sound. But still, these two organ / synth’s were quite big and are getting rare these days, if they even still can work. These things are already from the early 70-ies !

When looking around for nice free goodies, I stumbled upon AlgoMusic’s StringSynth. Not a rompler or sample based instrument, like most of these (free) emulators of the old string synthesizers. Is it an exact copy ? Probably not, but you can get it to produce very nice sounds, that really come close to these big old huge beasts. And it’s free !

Algo Music - StringSynth

The interface is clean, simple and compact. It’s easy to edit and not too small to have a clear view of the thing. Only possible negative side to it, might be CPU usage, which can get sometimes pretty high when using multiple instances with a lot of polyphony.

To give you an idea what it can sound like, click on the play button below. It’s a little demo with 2 instances of the stringsynth VST.

[audio:http://www.junonoel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Juno-Noel-algo-music-stringsynth-demo.mp3|titles=Juno Noel – algo music – stringsynth – demo]

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