Together Again

Recorded by: Juno Noel
Written by: Juno Noel
"Together Again" was composed as a coninuation of the track "Memories will last forever", which was an ode to my grandmother. I wanted to create something that connected to this particular song, with regard to the melody and sound as well. That's the reason why I took a part of the theme of "Memories will last forever" and experimented by mixing it into the theme I created for this track.

This small test was better than I could hope for. It really felt like a complete new theme, searching for it's complement, a bit later the theme of "Memories will last forever" takes over. But after a while, both themes melt completely together.

I chose to use analogue and virtual analogue sounds again to make up a vintage feeling. I find these sounds give warmth to the music, as well as a certain dimension, which seems near impossible to create using only samples or other digital generators.

I consciously imitated the bird sounds. To me it felt like two birds who find eachother again after getting lost for a while. Lisa Nilsson Ax's artwork made this feeling even stronger, and I was glad she gave her permission to use it on the cover of this CD.

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