Spiritual Connection

Recorded by: Juno Noel
Written by: Juno Noel
Perhaps a weird track. The gentle vintage synthesizer sounds are this time accompanied with a bit of an up-tempo sounding beat. With only 82 BPM it's not that fast actually.

It's a translation of a quest in search of 'contact'. "How can I translate this feeling best into sound"; I asked myself over and over again. Several times I threw everything away to start all over again. "Not good enough", "blocked", "not what I was looking for" ... more than enough reasons.

That's how this track was born. A combination of the quest to find sounds which resembled those feelings, and the emotions while making them, all with it's ups and downs. Meanwhile the idea of this track was floating around.

I just had to develop it further, until it became what it is now. Maybe it sounds a bit weird, compared to the other music, but it really helped me connecting to the other tracks.

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