Recorded by: Juno Noel
Written by: Juno Noel
"Emotions" was created a bit as an 'exhaust' track while looking for the melodies for "Together Again". Shortly after our grandmother passed away, we could see the health of our grandfather getting worse. The verdict was there; they couldn't cure his illness.

We all had mixed feelings. 'Why so fast ?' but also 'let's hope he won't be in pain'. He started to wonder how long it would take before ... . Despite the bad news from the doctors, there was some good news for him; as he said himself "then we'll be together soon ..."

But these feelings didn't make it easy for us who were close to him. Certainly while creating "Together Again" as a translation of those feelings it became very hard to create those melodies and sounds. As a break I created "Emotions", without this track, I never could have finished "Together Again".

This is the reason why this track had to be on the release.

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