“Mood Swing” – Rough Cut Mix : Idea preview

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Mood Swings … love ‘m – hate ‘m … For some reason I had to think about that while composing this little piece of mind groovin’ minimalism. Yes minimalism is the correct term here, just a very basic old Boss DR110 kicking around for rythm, combined with some simple chords playing some filtered sounds that I made by detuning three oscillators to 7ths and 5ths. Fat sawtooths combined with triangle waves. Nice warm .. lush sound … look, my mind is already wandering off into the depths of the waves. Follow me …

Just hit the play button below, and let me know your thoughts.

[audio:http://www.junonoel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Juno-Noel-Mood-Swing-Rough-Cut.mp3|titles=Juno Noel – Mood Swing (Rough Cut Mix)]

This is a preview track for the future release of “Dungeon Ambience”

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