Finally : Official Digital Release of “2010 – 2011 EP”

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Finally !!!

At last I can announce the official digital release of the “2010 – 2011 EP” mini-album. 2010 went by so fast, while I had (and still have actually) so much work to get done. And on top of all. Some code in the backend of my site went bezerk. 99% is already working again, some facebook and other social network links are still acting a bit funny (funky even), but I’ll sort it out in the background.

Normally I make a few tracks to be released around XMAS, this year, there was no way to reach this deadline. A lot of reasons, but mainly : lack of time / dismantled studio. But it felt awkward, I just HAD to make something. Even when I couldn’t release them in time. In less than 3 days of time I had, I made these 4 tracks, to be combined to the new mini-album “2010 – 2011 EP”.

Then my website started to act weird, hence the release a few days after the actual New Year. Despite this later release, I can only wish a happy 2011 and will annouce 2 new year resolutions of mine :

  • Finish the studio : so it is finally 100% up ‘n running
  • More sound tweaking and composing / producing and of course releasing tracks

You can find the 4 tracks and the complete digital release album available for free download (containing the tracks, playlist file and artwork) on my music page :

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  • ACE


    Hey Juno,
    Kijk uit naar een nieuwe release!


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