Work we all hate …

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Don’t you recognize this : you upgrade your puter, silence the thing a bit more for the audio usage, start reinstalling the operating system, tweaking everything just the way you like it again… and then … setting up ALL those programs and VST instruments / effects again.

Bah. Yup I’m in that phase with the machine right now. Anyway, it’s good to do some “spring cleaning” however. I’m gonna take a look at a lot of those free VST’s again. There are loads of interesting plugins out there ! Be sure to also have a look at the links, as you can find some good resources pointing you to loads of those VST freebies.

Sure there will be some instruments or effects that won’t work, have a nasty interface or don’t sound that good. But at least it didn’t cost you something to try. Hardware synths also don’t have always the best visual / usage aesthetics either, yet it’s sometimes part of the “charm”.

(For example, for those of you not too familiar with FM synthesis, program a great sound on a Yamaha DX7 synth, you’ll understand what I mean ;))

If I find some great ones (and I already have my eye on a few of ‘m) I’ll try to post it over here.

Let the install/try out fun begin !

Renoise 2.5 goes gold …

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Renoise, my main composing “tool” – well, it’s my swiss army knife for music ‘n sounds – released their latest and greatest new version. v2.5. So many new features and still a rock solid program to use. Yeah, I’m a control freak, so that’s probably the reason why I’ve been into Trackers that much.

Trackers are different then other music sequencers, they don’t show you visual notes horizontally. No “button”-click style like for example Fruity Loops. No Piano Roll. Instead, it all runs vertical. And you can enter the notes even on the computer keyboard, but of course also with a MIDI Keyboard/controller.

But most important of all. You have the extreme power of being able to tweak ANY parameter, either by automations or commands entered in the tracks.

After playing with ModEdit on the old 286 somewhere in the beginning of the 90-ies, I was hooked to this kind of thing. Back then I couldn’t afford a synthesizer, even dreaming of one was too expensive ;). But as you can see in the screenshot, it wasn’t *that* user-friendly. Hell, Track 1&4 were hard panned left, where Track2&3 were right. Soundblasters were too expensive, so first used the PC-Speaker output, after that the DIY DA-converter on the parallel port, until finally clone cards went down in prices. *Yay*

Fast forward a bit. I finally got a AMD 486DXII 66MHz beast. A Gravis Ultrasound Max card, a SB clone card and FastTracker II. Sure, there were ScreamTracker and Impulse Tracker at the same time, which were at some points more interesting (if I’m not mistaken, they already had some realtime filtering / fx on board). But I always went back to FastTracker. Was it the interface ? Command ? I don’t know really. I just felt more at home in it. But still, these are the DOS ages. Sure, after some fiddling I got it working in Windows 95/98, but still it was lacking some realtime things like filtering ‘n stuff.

And this new thing called VST’s (virtual software synthesizers/effects) came to surface. Back then, this was for Cubase, hardly my kind of program because of the interface and again, lack of MIDI keyboards/synths. Even then, it was sooo expensive.

fasttracker3Windows XP came … oh noooo, DOS had been abandonned (well, finally actually). Running the trusty old tracker became more and more a problem. There was a project called FastTracker 3 that I stumbled upon. But there were a lot of errors and quircks. The idea was alright, to revive the trusty FT2 into the new Windows era, but soon, it just disappeared. Or at least, seemed like that.

This period was the most frustrating part of my sound life. I didn’t want to keep on playing with samples. Sure they are ok for some things, but I wanted to “tweak” sounds. Just like on a (virtual) analogue synthesize, tweak a knob : new sound. I wanted to use those VST thingies. There were a lot of free intruments out there already. But I didn’t like the cubase interface … . And those real hardware synthesizers, well even though I had a job, I still couldn’t afford those.

How I found it, no idea, but when randomly googling around, I bumped into “ReNoise”. Catchy name. And Ooooooo, it had some interface similarities. VST support. *rrrrrrrrrr*. After reading a bit, I went immediatly to the “order” forms. Sure I could have tried the “demo” version. Without the WAV rendering and ASIO support. But I was like : this is my new program, let’s sponsor these dudes so this program stays alive. 7 or 8 years later, it’s surely alive. And ever evolving. Nice userbase, friendly developers (I’m having an issue with a MIDI Keyboard at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll get sorted out). Finally, I have some hardware synths too, and they can be controlled from within Renoise as good as any VST or sample. Nice. I still have a very long synth wishlist though. Lot of those toys are still out of my reach. Yup I’m a synthnut, I like to create sounds. Give me knobs, buttons and switches, and lots of ‘m ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a look at their software. Maybe it’s not your thing, maybe it is … I know I love it.

“Mood Swing” – Rough Cut Mix : Idea preview

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Mood Swings … love ‘m – hate ‘m … For some reason I had to think about that while composing this little piece of mind groovin’ minimalism. Yes minimalism is the correct term here, just a very basic old Boss DR110 kicking around for rythm, combined with some simple chords playing some filtered sounds that I made by detuning three oscillators to 7ths and 5ths. Fat sawtooths combined with triangle waves. Nice warm .. lush sound … look, my mind is already wandering off into the depths of the waves. Follow me …

Just hit the play button below, and let me know your thoughts.

[audio:|titles=Juno Noel – Mood Swing (Rough Cut Mix)]

This is a preview track for the future release of “Dungeon Ambience”

Inner Feelings – Jam Teaser (Deep house)

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Meh, still not feeling quite well, but thought to drag myself to the studio and play with some sawtooth/triangle waves with some filtering on it. My head is too full of slime to do anything more decent (certainly regarding mixing / mastering), but lets have some fun sequencing some grooves and jams was the thought.

It has some Deep House groove feeling to it, doesn’t it ? Have fun listening and give me a shout will ya ?

[audio:|titles=juno noel – inner feeling (jam – teaser)]

“Breath Control” Preview

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This is a preview of the “Breath Control” track I’m working on. There’s a bit of a fun story attached to it, on how it was created. I’m gonna keep that a secret for now though ๐Ÿ˜‰ you’ll hear all about it when it’s the fully mastered version.

Only teaser I’m going to give you now is: this track has been made in reverse order ๐Ÿ˜›

Still not a finalised version though; the synthesizer sounds need to be quite a bit louder so you can hear the melodies better. Now it’s basically a LOT of beats ‘n rythm with some synths underneath. And thats not intended… unless you only want to shake on the beats.

Anyways : have fun with the preview release. Just click the play button below… (and let me know something about it ๐Ÿ˜‰ perhaps your suggestion makes it into the final version !)

[audio:|titles=Juno Noel – Breath control (sample – tryout)]

Finalising “yet to name” album

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I’m busy finalising a yet to name album.

Back in 2008 I was working on several tracks that originally should have been finished and published in the same year. Due to a move into a new house, a friend who got lost and a few other things, I have put all these tracks aside for a while.

Today I think it’s time to finish those tracks if they were still incomplete and finalise / master the others that were already finished.

At this moment I seem to recall it were about 11 or 12 tracks. So stay tuned for this delayed album, that still needs an album title and artwork …

XMAS 2009 Bonus Mix

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I just have uploaded an Online Bonus Mix for the XMAS 2009 Album. It’s a mixed track made from the five tracks released on the XMAS 2009 Album. Available only online as a sixth track.

Have a listen to it – if you like – at (25’30” duration / filesize +- 23MB ) or have a look at the album itself at

XMAS 2009 Digital Release

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A year with a lot of ups and downs has passed by yet again. Time to have a look at 2009, learn from the mistakes that have been made, the sad moments, the fun times…

And then, look forward again. It’s already 2010 you know !

It’s been a few years now since I started to make some specific tracks as a special gift to friends and family. This time I’ve managed to create some new ones again. Though I only could get them finished/online now. Ah well, better late than never I suppose.

Head over to for a listen and download a track if you’d like to.

You can always leave a comment on this post or on an individual track by clicking on the song-title. Or just give me a shout on my contact page.

See you … happy 2010 !

“Together Again” – Digital Release

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Phew …

Finally, I managed to get the mini-album “Together Again” into a digital format to distribute on my site. Have a listen at . You can also download the full album as well (keep in mind it’s still a zip archive of around 63 MB in size !).

You can comment on this post about the release, but also on the individual tracks as well.ย  Just click on a songtitle to do so.ย  If there is more information about a track, you will see it on that page as well.

Thanks for listening !