Finally : Official Digital Release of “2010 – 2011 EP”

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Finally !!!

At last I can announce the official digital release of the “2010 – 2011 EP” mini-album. 2010 went by so fast, while I had (and still have actually) so much work to get done. And on top of all. Some code in the backend of my site went bezerk. 99% is already working again, some facebook and other social network links are still acting a bit funny (funky even), but I’ll sort it out in the background.

Normally I make a few tracks to be released around XMAS, this year, there was no way to reach this deadline. A lot of reasons, but mainly : lack of time / dismantled studio. But it felt awkward, I just HAD to make something. Even when I couldn’t release them in time. In less than 3 days of time I had, I made these 4 tracks, to be combined to the new mini-album “2010 – 2011 EP”.

Then my website started to act weird, hence the release a few days after the actual New Year. Despite this later release, I can only wish a happy 2011 and will annouce 2 new year resolutions of mine :

  • Finish the studio : so it is finally 100% up ‘n running
  • More sound tweaking and composing / producing and of course releasing tracks

You can find the 4 tracks and the complete digital release album available for free download (containing the tracks, playlist file and artwork) on my music page :

Together Again

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We already knew for a while that my grandfather wasn’t doing very well. He had been diagnosed with cancer in his bladder. A very bad one, and it was growing further towards the kidneys. Treatment ? Impossible, only some things were possible, to easy the pain and discomfort. Other than that … nothing.

Besides that, he lost his beloved wife 3 months ago. Missed her very much, and clearly said when he heard that there was no cure for his illness : “then I can be together with my wife again …”

Last week on the 14th of november, we got the phonecall … he was gone … . This gave me the idea to compose something again, in his memory. It was very difficult. I already made “Memories will last forever” in memory of my grandmother, but this time, it had to be at least as good as the other one and still had something in common with “Memories will last forever”.

His sentence gave me the idea to make a song with sounds and style resembling the previous one. I tried to make a new theme and mix in the theme I made for “Memories will last forever”, thus creating “Together Again”, a symbolic track referring to him saying; “then I can be together with my wife again …”.

It took a long time of tryouts, twiddling, tests, erasing but I finished it finally. This friday I just finished everything. The mastering of the main track “Together Again”, which was also the title of the mini-album. And I also succeeded in creating two extra tracks, “Emotions” and “Spiritual connection”. The idea of those came along creating “Together Again”. So I included those.

The artwork was finished just in time and I was able to get everything burned, printed and cutted. The family agreed instantly to play the song during the spreading of the ashes again, like it happened with my grandmother also.

I will release a digital music release, including artwork soon. But only after the funeral. And after some rest. It’s so intense again.