acidrack VST demo

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Just a little track made in Renoise and 7 instances of the acidrack VST that I posted earlier about.
acid.milch & honig acidrack
All sounds are made by this little synth. I could probably do a lot more with it, but I just had a quick try and play with the instances for about 30 minutes, including making the little demo track.

Sure it isn’t a Roland TR-808 / TR-909 if it’s about the percussion. Yet again, you can get some decent drum sounds out of it, especially some bassdrums if you take the time to tweak it a bit further. But it’s sure you can make some nice basses, leads and even some decent strings with this toy.

Anyway, have fun listening to this thing and give me a shout if you will 😉

[audio:|titles=Juno Noel – Free VST : acidrack tryout]

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