Welcome SoundAddict !

Hello and welcome to my site !

I admit. Yes it’s useless to try to deny. I’ve been a sound and synthesis addict from the day I was born. Vibrating the air towards your eardrums. Designing sounds, from irritating to very smooth. I liked it all.

My initial passion for electronics soon, already let me tinker with strange bleeps and bloops, drips and sirens. Sound … . It didn’t took long before the small and young Juno played with cheap little “synthesizers”. Bending them to get other, and mostly weird sounds.

Soon enough, I was completely hooked and overwhelmed by analog and digital synthesizers.

Today, I’m still hooked. Playing with sounds, discovering synthesis every day again, shaping those vibrations to the groove that flows through my state of mind.

Browse around into the sounds I created and still am creating !

Don’t forget to check out my SoundCloud page where you can find a lot of my complete tracks and albums as well as a lot of tinkering with sounds, tryouts and teasers.

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Enjoy the sounds and feel free to leave a comment or talk to me.